Global Fund For Conservation Women

The Global Fund For Conservation Women provides financial support to deserving primary and secondary women students from rural protected areas enabling them to attend the best schools in regional learning centers. Although the rural communities do their best to provide quality education to their students, their resources are often limited.

Women's education and empowerment have been the focus of many studies regarding the long-term efficacy of sustainable development programs. Correlated to improved women's education are significant declines in population growth rates, improved economic status of women. Frequently rural families have preferred male children. These families will feel pressured by society norms to have male children. Females are thought to have less worth and not worthy of education. In the rural protected areas in which we work family's are supportive of the second or third female child to attend school. That is, if the financial resources were available.

Female students are chosen from schools in the protected areas (e.g. parks, conservation areas, wildlife reserves, game management areas) within which Environmental Learning Institute has a program. They are identified as academically appropriate by their teachers, headmaster and community.

The scholarship pays for the entire annual tuition, and part of the housing and food fees. The family pays roughly 20-30% of the gross costs. The family's contribution demonstrates support and committment.

Your contribution to this program goes 100% to the student's education with the money directly deposited to the School
account. There is no indirect or overhead fee charged by Environmental Learning Institute.

Each year the sponsored student is reviewed for academic progress, performance and the continued support of her family.

Please note that we update our files annually with respect to 4 documents.

1. Test scores
2. Letter from student's teachers
3. Letter from student
4. Letter from student's parents

All of the letters address the following:

1. The student is academically proceeding.
2. That the student is doing well in the subjects of geography and sciences.
3. The student comes from a protected area community or near a protected area that is of significant conservation importance.
4. The student has financial need and the support of her family as evidenced in their making some financial contribution towards the student's education.
5. The student is interested in, in an open broadly defined way, nature, plants, animals, geography, conservation, sustainable development. We understand these are very young people and only ask that they address
these ideas in whatever way they understand them.

Please let us know if you would like to review these documents.

Thank you for your interest and your continued support of the Environmental Learning Institute Global Fund for Conservation Women program.

With best wishes,

David Scott Silverberg, Ph.D.
Executive Director


If you wish to contribute to the Global Fund For Conservation Women, you can transfer funds to Environmental Learning Institute by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER) using PayPal.